People who demonstrate high levels of executive presence are influential. They convey an optimal blend of authentic power and warmth and adjust that blend to best suit each interaction.


Demonstrating greater Executive Presence increases your chances of having an even bigger impact on the world around you. And, the good news is that this so-called “It” factor can be learned and developed over  time.

Elmhirst Associates helps individuals and teams increase their Executive Presence

individual coachingIndividual Coaching

We coach leaders who are committed to being their best.Through feedback from others, clear and concrete plans for action as well as coaching and guidance along the way, clients grow their presence to lead well and wisely.

coaching for teamsWork with Teams

We work with teams to become higher performing, as individuals and as a collective: Building greater trust, gaining alignment on their shared vision, managing their stakeholders and building the individual skills to lead from every seat.

executive presence equals power and warmth

Executive presence increases chance of promotion

Building Strong Connections

  • Mapping and managing stakeholders
  • Focusing on desired outcomes
  • Taking in others’ views
  • Communicating clear and compelling messages
  • Building trust: The foundation of high-performing teams
  • Creating Alignment: Shared commitment to a common goal
  • Executive toolkit

    The Toolkit

    We have designed specific proprietary tools to support your leadership development and effectiveness.

    Designed for both individual and team settings, they can be used on their own, combined with keynote addresses, and/or consulting and skill-building workshops.

    Elements of Executive Presence • The Presentation Planner

    Executive toolkit
    Elements of Executive Presence CardsElements of Executive Presence Development Cards

    We all know when we’ve experienced executive presence in another person, but it can be difficult to cultivate it within ourselves.


    That’s where the Elements of Executive Presence card deck comes in. Designed to support your professional development, these cards make the work of growing your own executive presence more concrete and practical. They enable you to see, at a glance, where you’re strong and which elements most challenge you.


    You work on one element at a time, using the relevant card in the deck to help guide your practice efforts. Regular practice generates real and tangible progress and there are Action Plan cards to help you along the way.


    Executive toolkit
    The Presentation PlannerThe Presentation Planner

    If your presentation messages do not consistently motivate others to take action, you’re missing the potential for influence that presentations offer.

    The Presentation Planner™ tool takes you painlessly through the process of constructing a compelling outline by using specific prompts to help you refine your thinking and your message. It enables you to create a powerful presentation that is clear, compelling and listener-focused.  

    This web app will enable you to create a library of presentations. They are fully editable and can be used as the basis for future presentations.


    What Our Clients are Saying

    “Thank you again for a well-presented, on-message workshop. It was so impressive how quickly you grasped the nuances we wished to cover and how seamlessly you incorporated the overall theme of our offsite. Preliminary responses to the survey show the group thought your workshop was excellent, practical and provided useful tools to work on the art of influence. It was a pleasure seeing you and I hope to see you again in the future!”

    —Holly Spoonemore
    Senior Regulatory Program Director, PTR, Genentech​

    “I shall be forever different as a result of our work together.”

    —– VP, Professional Services firm

    “Great job! I would not change anything. Perfect balance of content presented and interaction. We were all aware, engaged and learning throughout the day.​”

    —Anonymous comment
    Executive Presence Workshop
    Genentech Inc.

    “I learned so much from my work with Karen. As a new leader entering a new position in a new company, I needed to create alignment among a disparate team. Through Karen’s coaching, I was able to gain insights into their various realities and build bridges of trust which have enabled the work to move forward successfully. Her coaching, meeting facilitation, and overall guidance have been very valuable to me and to my team.”

    —VP, MD, Kaiser Permanente

    “Karen has proven tremendously valuable to me as an advisor and coach. She really helped me to raise my game in presentations and other high-stakes communications. Since then, I have worked with her in several capacities including when I transitioned in as a new, public company CEO. At two of the companies I have led, she has guided our efforts to develop our company's Mission, Vision and Values statements. Both times, this work was enormously powerful in creating strong community and alignment around a clear direction. She is simply the most effective executive coach and leadership consultant I have ever worked with and will be a tremendous asset to any senior leader and leadership team.”

    —John A. Orwin, President and CEO
    Relypsa, Inc.



    Slave, or Master of your Time?

    I’m hearing 2 common themes from my executive clients:

    1. “I am tied up all day long in back-to-back meetings. The only time I have to do the work that comes out of those meetings is in the evening, or in the wee hours of the morning before others start their day.”

    2. “I’m always running late. Each meeting goes over, and I end up feeling harried and apologetic for keeping people waiting. I’m always running to catch up!”

    What I notice in these conversations is the hopelessness and resignation with which these stories are told to me. And, if it felt like an easy fix, these high-level, experienced executives would have taken care of it already. That said, I do think there are a few incremental shifts that can make a world of difference in how you feel about who’s in charge of your calendar. Here are some approaches that have worked well for others. Read them over to see if any or all might serve you as you work to become master of your destiny, or, at least, of your calendar.
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